Our Jewelry Services

the finest in handcrafted jewelry & much, much more

We offer:

  • FREE jewelry cleaning and inspection
  • custom handcrafted jewelry, made just for you
  • transformation jewelry made from your old jewelry and transformed into something you’ll love
  • jewelry repairs – from fine jewelry to costume
  • gold, silver and platinum purchasing – that’s $$$ for your unwanted metals
  • wholesale pricing for bridal gifts (for parties of 6 or more bridesmaids)
  • 90 day layaway
  • Jewelry Appraisals

b fine art jewelry staff

My jewelry is derived from a lifetime interest in the beauties of nature surrounding me.

As a child I searched the wooded areas, creek beds and gravel driveways always finding great treasures. Without skills to do otherwise, these things I collected ended up in cigar boxes to be hauled out and marveled over when inspiration was needed. Now, with the techniques both self-taught and at the hands of master craftspeople, I have learned how to take treasures out of the box and apply them to the human form.

Techniques used in my work vary from the ageless – hammer, anvil and fire – to hydraulic press and precious metal clay to create designs that are modern but echo the past. Traditional techniques include hammering, sawing, forging, fabrication, casting, roll printing and keum-boo. Some newer technology is employed with the use of precious metal clay, hydraulic press and acid etching. All of these techniques are blended within my body of work.

Color takes shape with metals, silver and gold, along with gem stones, pearls, and many other natural objects. All of these ingredients provide the sometimes subtle, sometimes inspiring, and often surprising color combinations that are key features in our work.


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